Watch her work her magic.

Glamour Magazine

It’s very strange to see someone becoming a painting. This is not the beginning of a surrealist short story. It’s an actual recurring thought I had during the opening of Alexa Meade’s latest exhibition during Art Basel.


We gathered around Alexa who was painting directly on live subjects in her particular style that converts people in real life into walking images. She is engaged deeply with her model in the act of creation as the audience who gathers around her to feel the energy of each brush stroke, like the waves of vibration from the strings of a guitar.


It’s rare to see such a diverse crowd equally amazed by the act of painting. The look of sheer wonder on these faces is what stays with me. She has made painting into performance art, and the effect must be seen to be believed or understood — it felt like watching a magician at work.


Isabelle Le Normand